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Hey there!

I'm Valerie,

(most people call me Val)

I grew up in a big family on a farm in a tiny, Midwest town. I’ve moved internationally five times and traveled to over 45 countries. For more than two decades I have spoken to audiences and worked with clients across six continents – teaching tens of thousands of people how to tell better stories, connect in new ways with their customers, and approach change with open minds.

But none of that is what makes me unique.

I’m different from other speakers because I don’t just want to say words and leave. I don’t just want to help you sell more or do more.

I spent years teaching people to make money - but all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you are miserable.

I want to create an experience that changes you and your organization for the better – so you can show up fully, find joy and meaning at work, and have more reasons to celebrate (with cake!)

Navigating messy workplaces, clients, and emotions can be fun. (I promise!)

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If you want something different
You have to do something different.

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What people say about Valerie:

From the moment she took the stage, Valerie captivated our audience with her expertise,

 infectious likeability, humor, and engaging storytelling. I would highly recommend Valerie as a speaker for any event, as her expertise, charisma, and genuine passion for marketing make her one of the best in the field.

Alexa, Carnegie

Valerie is truly a voice of innovation, positivity, and change.

She cares deeply about her audience's businesses and lives and seeks to improve both of them with each talk she gives. Your attendees will leave your event more motivated, more informed, and equipped with actionable, practical strategies they can execute immediately. If you need high-quality content, delivered by a top-tier speaker, you need to hire Valerie for your event.

Travis, Robertson Coaching International

Valerie never disappoints.

Regardless of the topics, her presentations are always from an honest place with a fresh new perspective that people need to hear. Valerie understands salespeople's needs, their clients, and the end goal. She presents in a way that is engaging to all, regardless of experience, which is a feat in itself. Our members always share an outpouring of positive feedback after each session; which is just one of the many reasons we continue working with Valerie again and again. 

Whitney, Education Programs Director, CCIAOR

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Facing fear
Rebellious risks
Doing it scared
Failing forward
Always ordering dessert

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Magic wands
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